Implementing positivity within the legal industry 

Trying to remain positive will get you through most difficult situations at work or at least it will make you feel a bit more comfortable.  

Most law students are pre-warned about how cut throat it can be within the legal industry but after working for over four years in different law firms, I believe we arent prepared enough for dealing with constant critisim and just the general office environment. I have developed a few ways of coping.

1. It’s ok to make mistakes (within reason). The whole point of being in a less senior position (such as a trainee solicitor), is because we are learning.  Of course we will not know what the hell we are doing to begin with, or even for a very long time. Our inexperience is reflected in our salary. Part of being a trainee means critism and a lot of it on a regular basis. At the beginning, I found this extremely hurtful. I took it as a personal reflection on my abilities and began thinking perhaps the job wasn’t  for me. Over time I saw a transform in my work (which is still not perfect) and now it is much easier to deal with critism going forward.  A thick skin is essential. 

2. Accept the fact that you are going to be given shitty tasks that you do not want to do.  This may mean carrying folders everywhere for Partner, photocopying or breaking a sweat lugging bundles around court. (Its not all glamour).  I have met so many Paralegals or those on work experience who have contemplated quitting after having to carry out such tasks. I personally believe that if we do not put in the graft and get our hands dirty we will not become examples or relateable to other trainees once qualified.  This way of thinking stops me from becoming aggravated when having to carry out such tasks. It’s just how it is. 

3.  Not everyone will like you. We are  forced to spend most of our week with people that we probably wouldn’t associate with by choice. You will not like everyone and not everyone will like you. It’s nothing personal (or sometimes it is) but we have to make the most of it. Remaining professional  and not fixating on things like why certain people haven’t invited you to lunch is the way forward. You have your own life, your getting paid so who cares so long as your polite and pleasant.  Negative & mean people who always have something to say about you or everyone else usually have their own demons, take it on the chin. 

4. If it really is that bad take the plunge and find somewhere else. Don’t kill yourself inside for somewhere that makes you unhappy.  If we passed away tomorrow we would be replaced within a week or two. It has to work both ways, new starts  can be scary but if you feel it can’t get any worse then go for it. 

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content ? 

Sundays for a lot of us are bitter sweet.  

Cosy lay ins, cups of tea and then there’s them evening pre-Monday blues.  Of course it depends on what industry you work in whether your “Sunday” actually falls on the seventh day of the week.  For example, for those in the hospitality industry – a lay in on an actual Sunday is as rare/ nearing on impossible. 

For many of us an internal sense of doom can ruin the last day that we have off for a while. It certainly has for me, so I decided to spend my Sundays implementing the motto ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’. 

For me personally, preparation is key. If I know I’m prepared for the week, (my work clothes are out, I have a mental note of my Monday tasks, juicing ingredients are at the ready, my nutritious breakfast bits are purchased for the morning and everything is clean and tidy) it really does decrease my Sunday anxiety. The remainder of the day is spent just enjoying the moments rather than worrying about the near future.  What is considered preparation for me will not be the same for everyone, it really is down to the individual.

Naturally, a big part of the looming and dooming feeling stems from whether you are content in your job.  (Another post for another day.)

Regardless of the latter, I believe if we feel prepared and ready to tackle the week then some of the negative feelings can be dramatically decreased.

Happy Sunday !

I’m putting my positive pants on.

Cringe title?  I know…but its appropriate I promise.

Throughout the past two years the practice of positive thinking, affirmations, mindfulness, meditation and the Law of Attraction has been bubbling away in the background of my life.  I kid you not these things have transformed my life. BUT throughout the hustle and bustle of city living and working a 9-5 in the Legal Industry, they are not regularised practices within my routines.

I have often thought – if in such small doses these things have dramatically changed my life for the better what would happen if I was to regularly implement them into my life?

Which brings the creation of a blog.

So I guess I can class this as a new hobby but if it can provide something positive for another person then that would be awesome.

I have recently embarked on a Mindfulness and Life Coaching Diploma. Perhaps people can learn alongside (or teach) me !